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"… the revised edition of The Last Gasp is timely,
not least because Hoyle seems less like a prophet and more like …
a chronicler of imminent chaos."

Trevor Hoyle - The Last Gasp

Reviews for The Last Gasp 2016 edition:

"In spite of its length and erudition, this is an enormously entertaining book. But it's also a novel that speaks truth to power, in the tradition of Dickens's Hard Times and Upton Sinclair's The Jungle. The horrors of pollution and oxygen depletion are presented in unflinching style."
    (Andy Hedgecock, Morning Star Review)

"The Last Gasp is an immersive apocalyptic science fiction horror thriller that is next to impossible to put down."

"Climate thrillers, let alone good ones, are few and far between, which is perplexing when we consider how much the debate of climate change has permeated every level of politics and society over the last several decades. That's why The Last Gasp is a minor revelation."

"The sheer breadth of the book - at 700 pages it's a mighty tome - and of the science, may leave the reader, while rooting for hero Gavin Chase, also gasping for breath. The apocalypse is well researched."         ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

20 Best Ecological Horror novels - No. 11: The Last Gasp.

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Down the Figure 7.

An evocative Fictional Memoir set in a northern cotton town in the early 1950s. Where else would you expect to find sex and death?

Trevor Hoyle - Down the Figure 7

Published by Pomona Books

Down the Figure 7 - Rochdale viaduct
Down the Figure 7 - Smith Street Rochdale
Down the Figure 7 - Rochdale Town Centre bus stop

Photographs of Rochdale in the 1950s from Down the Figure 7.


• As a young man Trevor Hoyle was an actor in repertory and television, and an advertising copywriter, before becoming a full-time writer of novels, short stories and radio drama. Since the mid-seventies he has published a wide range of fiction, including the novels The Man Who Travelled on Motorways, Vail and Blind Needle for John Calder.

• His work for BBC radio began with the play GIGO, for which he won the Radio Times Drama Award. The actor in the title role of his play Randle's Scandals won the Sony Award for best performance. Trevor also wrote and presented a feature for BBC Radio 4 on the life and work of the writer Malcolm Lowry, titled The Lighthouse Invites the Storm.

• In 2003 his novel Rule of Night, originally published in 1975, was reissued by Pomona to critical acclaim in The Guardian and City Life, and named as Time Out's Book of the Week.

• His short stories and articles have appeared in Ambit, London magazine, The Author, Transatlantic Review, The Artful Reporter, New Yorkshire Writing, Pennine Magazine and broadcast on BBC Radio 4. Stories have also appeared in the anthologies Litmus and LEMistry (Comma Press).


• Radio Times Drama Award (for radio play GIGO)
• Sony Award (to the best actor in Trevor Hoyle's play Randle's Scandals)
Transatlantic Review Erotic Fiction Award
• Ray Mort Northern Novel Award

Trevor Hoyle with guitar
Trevor Hoyle in Seattle
Trevor Hoyle

Trevor was born in Lancashire, where he still lives. He has travelled, for business and pleasure, in no particular order, to France, Spain, the US, China, Cuba, Norway, Canada, Scotland, Russia, Holland, Croatia, Tunisia, Egypt, Thailand, Germany and Ireland.


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